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Vconnect Recruitment is your go to place for all your recruitment needs!

Hiring made easy for you

At VConnect recruitment our recruitment agents want you to experience hassle-free hiring. We offer our services to all employers who want to outsource hiring to us.

Let us do the hard work for you! And you do what you are best at, growing your business!

We work with people all across Australia, people with different background and experiences. We believe in understanding and proving equal opportunity to all. We are committed to delivering the desired result.

As it is a very competitive world. Finding good talent and hiring quality candidates requires quick action. And so here’s where we come in. It is our job to reach out and contact the suitable candidate before he gets an opportunity somewhere else. Because you as an employer might have to focus on another important task which are a priority for your business. So to ensure you hire the right person, especially in a key role, can have great positive consequences for your business.

We use our expertise and qualified recruitment consultants on the team to do the recruitment and placement of quality candidates for your business. Along with providing expert help with any aspect of the recruitment process at a cost that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

We understand that you as an employer want quality people with the right skills, experience and behaviours that understands your business needs. That is why we are here to provide you with personalised services tailored especially to suit and meet your needs. Because we understand finding the right candidate is vital for your team morale and business success.

We Find

We are your local recruitment agency for all your recruitment services, staffing services and manpower requirements. 


We Connect

We connect your business with the best people suiting your needs and business culture. We endeavour hard to learn and understand your business to deliver the most satisfying experience. 

We Guarantee

We provide a guarantee replacement of employee for first 3 months from appointment, in the rare instance where its not working out for you.

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Need a free consultancy for your business with our professional Recruitment Consultants. We come to you.

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Resume Review and Interview coaching.

We also provide Resume and cover letter writing services. If you already have a great Resume but are not lending any interviews get in touch with our Resume writing experts to get your Resume and cover letter reviewed. Book for interview coaching session NOW!!


We aim at Providing the right advice and support throughout the recruitment process. To keep it simple and easy for our clients and candidates.

Knowing the industry and having connections via different channels and networks makes it easy for us to find the perfect person for the job.

Connecting people to jobs all across Australia.

Our recruitment agency is focused on getting the right person for the job. Our recruitment agents do research and find the person who can be the best fit for the role. 

We have different strategies to locate and find people who would be actively looking for a change. We also approach people who not actively searching for jobs but can become idle candidates.

About us

At Vconnect Recruitment, we offer our services to a wide range of companies across different sectors. We are your local Job agency to take care of all your recruitment needs. 

Through our varied process of searching for your staffing and manpower needs, we try to find the best candidates which you might miss or skip through. Using not only job searching websites like seek, indeed and the likes, we also use our wide internal network and specialized sources.

Let us help you connect your business with the right people.